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Genius is Top Tax Return Filing Software for Taxation industry
Import/Export Data From/To Third-party Software Import/Export tax data from Tally Excel & Direct, SAG Excel, Govt. Excel, Busy Excel as well as the JSON File generated from any Software. Also export client vouchers to the tally instantly
Reconciliation Reconciliation of GSTR-3B with Input Credit Register Reconciliation of GSTR-2A with Input Credit register for the assessing difference in ITC in GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A Reconciliation of credit of GSTR-3B with GSTR-2A for match/mismatch Reconciliation of GSTR-3B with GSTR-1 Get actual Sales amount after giving amendment effect Reconciliation of Purchase amount of GSTR-4 with GSTR-4A
Prepares CMA data as per percentage and ratio basis Calculation of MPBF as per Tandon & Nayar Committee.
Bulk contact detail verification ITD portal is also available to help the owner. Search [ITR ACK.No] - You can view returns filing details of any person by inserting acknowledgment no. through this option. Online PAN verification is available, so step-by-step it can be authorized. CPC intimation register - It is helpful to view all intimations of the department directly from your mail-id.